When it comes to thinking of wedding rings, all we think of is women’s by default. But men’s wedding rings are as cool and symbolic as those worn by women. The trends for men’s wedding rings have been evolving after all these years ranging from simple bands to the unique ones. Gold has always been the numero uno choice for men’s wedding rings. But that doesn’t mean that the men’s gold rings are just plain simple. Choose a unique color or even vintage. When selecting men gold ring, refer to this guide.


  1. Intriguing inlays

Inlays tend to showcase a hint of his personality and style into his wedding ring. An inlay can be made of any material and adorns the middle of the ring. They can be gold, platinum or may include diamonds and other intricate details. When it comes to adding color, an inlay of abalone and opal shell could be perfect.

  1. Dapper diamonds

Diamonds are adored by men too. When it comes to a gold band that showcases fire and spark, select a row of diamonds for his wedding band. To create a seamless style, channel set diamonds or dot little ones throughout the band. If he loves bolder and bigger gems, go solitaire. A bezel set diamond looks amazing on men’s gold bands.

  1. Detailed designs

Gold bands can be carved or have laser cut designs. If you want a steampunk style, select a gold band carved that comes with intricate gears. If he is Irish, Celtic knots can also be weaved into the wedding band. Laser cut designs such as trees or a landscape for paying homage to his hometown or his outdoor style.

  1. Targeted texture

The texture of the ring can change its entire look. No man wants a shiny gold, so mix it up with brushed and hammered textures. The latter has an artisanal handcrafted appeal and the uneven texture makes the ring more unique. Bead blasted or sandblasted details also make it unique. Brushed effect gives a matte effect to the ring.

  1. Matching wedding sets

Gold rings for men can also be made to complement and match a partner’s ring. Details like interlocking heart designs or fingerprints add a sentiment to the wedding rings. Customized or birthstone designs can also be considered to make unique matching sets.