Pasta making machines are highly in demand nowadays. It is deemed a source of relishing the bona fide homemade pasta. But, before you buy and consider all the factors, get acquainted with the most common problems caused by these dry pasta production lines so as to keep you on a safer side with the most viable solution. Thank us later.

  1. Dough issues

Whenever you use a pasta making machine, no matter automatic or manual, there will always be problems with the dough. The most common ones are the horizontal ridges of the dough. This is caused by clunking. When the gear has the highest setting you will hear a sound. This is common when creating horizontal ridges. To address this, put the dough in 90 degree angle. This will reduce the horizontal ridges. Another issue is the sticky dough. So massage some oil onto your machine rollers.

  1. Cleaning and maintenance complications

To make sure that proper hygiene is maintained, you need to pay heed to proper maintenance. But the materials used for the pasta making machine are not at all water friendly. Water will fade the color of your pasta making machine. But, you need to clean the machine anyway. So use a dry brush or clothes to clean your machine. But there is a problem nonetheless with the electric ones. As the electric or automatic pasta makers come bearing attachments and every time you clean it, remove all attachments. It might seem gross, but you don’t have any other options. When it comes to cleaning, manual pasta making machine is the best.

  1. Broken or loose components

This problem is common with manual pasta making machines. There are many times when you are using a handle and it breaks. Here you can use a duct tape or glue to fix it back. You can also use tiny magnets in the hole that joins the pasta machine body and the handle. Sometimes there are loose parts as well. You can attach the motor to the pasta machine, but still loose connection persists. So it is best to take your pasta making machine to a professional to fix this issue.

When using any kind of gadget, facing problems is very common. But with patience and proper knowledge, you can address and fix these issues in not time. Also ensure to have your machine properly maintained.