These days, shopping for a genuine leather bag can be challenging. A lot of fake versions are in the market. Sellers of fake bags usually pass their items off as being 100% genuine. Buyers who try to get the most out of their spending can fall into their traps. However, if you don’t want to end up using your money on bags that are not what their sellers claim, focus on shopping smartly. Take the time to learn how to spot genuine leather bags.

Here are tips that can help you:

Examine the Leather Bag Carefully

First, look for the label and ensure it does not say words like “pleather” and “rexine” which indicate the bag is not genuine. Do not buy bags which include any kind of synthetic materials. Also, evaluate the pattern and ensure there is consistency. Authentic leather like firenze leather should have subtle flaws because it is animal skin. Its surface structure should not be perfectly even and smooth.

Moreover, take the time to examine the bag’s seams. The thin side should have artificial materials when the bag is fake. But, you can easily spot a genuine bag in terms of this aspect because it has to be dense. Its sides should be granular and hard.

Check the Texture

You can determine the genuineness of leather through its texture. Fake leather bags tend to feel a bit too even or perfect. Real versions also have more warmth to them. The flexibility and the ability of leather to stretch should also be taken into account.

Consider the Weight

When taking all hardware pieces out of the picture, authentic leather tends to be heavier than its fake versions. Bags made of genuine leather do not feel overly light. Leather bags that are unusually light must be automatic red lights to you if you want to get just authentic leather bags.

Focus on the Smell of the Bag

Fake leather has synthetic components which make it smell like glue or plastic. Generally, genuine leather has a distinctive and highly appealing leather smell.

If you want to avoid inspecting any leather bag by yourself, ensure you limit yourself to shops and sellers with a solid reputation. Never purchase any leather bag from online sellers with a shady history. Pay attention the reviews customers give to a seller. Also, choose a seller who has been doing their business for many years.