When it comes to getting new tires for your vehicles, you can find a great deal of information out there. This is especially true if you want to order tires online. The point is that you want to get the right tires that ensure your safety while behind the wheel. If you are looking to get new tires, consider these helpful reminders:

Ensure your Tires Really Need Replacing

The best way to know is by doing the penny test. Insert a penny between the tread of the tire with the head facing you and pointing down. You will need to replace your tire if you can see all the head above the tread. But of course, you tire needs a replacement when you see bulging, uneven tread wear, and discoloration.

Know what you are Looking For

To decide the kind of tire to get, consider your personal driving style, the environment in which you drive and the kind of vehicle you drive. Before heading to a tire shop, make sure you know what you want. Are you looking for less noise, longer wear, more steering control, or a more comfortable ride? The tire of your choice must be based on these considerations.

Know what your Car Manufacturer Recommends

The manufacturer of your vehicle should provide their recommended tire size and kind. Their recommendation is based on the vehicle’s off-road capability, load capacity, weight, size, and steering. Your car’s handling can be affected if you change its tire size and type. It is important to match the sidewall edge to sidewall edge width and the rim to rim diameter.


Prices for tires vary from one tire shop to another. Make sure you compare prices to get the best value. Ask for the “out-of-the-door” price that can include balancing, mounting, giving the valve stem. Also, prices of tires that you can order online could be more affordable than those at local tire shops. However, ensure you add in the shipping cost as well as balancing and mounting before you decide. Get started by checking out tire options and pricing at PMCtire.com.

Get a Matching Set

When buying replacement tires, make sure you get more than one tire. Contemporary suspension technology is designed to perfectly work with a matching tire set. To ensure a uniform performance, have all four tires replaced at once. If this is not a possible option for you, think about replacing at least the front tires or rear axle simultaneously.