The aquarium filters these days provide a wide variety of options to keep your aquarium water clean. When it comes to choosing filtration, choose on the basis of the size of the aquarium and the number of fish you are preferring to keep. To accomplish the best water conditions, you may need to install more than one type of fish tank filter.

  1. Air driven internal filter

These mini and budget friendly box like items or foam filters are the best for rearing fry, small and hospital aquarium for tiny fish. They are sturdy enough to keep the water conditions healthy and clean and gentle enough to keep small aquarium free from all kinds of harm. These devices offer chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration. These fish tank filters are installed inside the aquarium and let you locate your aquarium closely to the adjacent walls in order to save space.

  1. Undergravel Filters

These filters are installed underneath the aquarium gravel layer. These filters tend to move water via the gravel to create favorable conditions for the biological filtration. Once the good bacteria colonize the gravel, it begins to break down the waste materials. The undergravel filters are budget friendly and work on an air pump or powerhead. These filters are primarily the biological filters. But many models showcase a cartridge that is replaceable and installed at the end of the strong tubing to offer supplementary chemical aka activated carbon or mechanical aka filter floss filtration. These filters are available for many sized aquariums but are ideal for aquariums with a light fish load.

  1. Internal power filters

These power filters can be installed completely underwater. These have the feature to save a lot of space and the power and versatility of the standard power filters. They provide an exquisite filtration and water movement as they are usually installed near the bottom of the aquarium. Waste products are eliminated before they settle on the bottom of the aquarium. They are composed of smaller aquariums which are usually under 20 gallons.

  1. Power filters

They are the most used aquarium filters and for a very good reason. They are quite easy to use and offer excellent chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration. They are made to hang off in the backside of the aquarium and are the ideal filter for the most famous aquarium sizes that houses a wide variety of tropical fish. Replaceable filter cartridges make it easy for its care and maintenance. The newest models have a biological filter pad or a BIO wheel to offer extra power to remove pollution.

  1. Canister Filters

These filters offer superior chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration for huge aquariums or the aquarium that has huge quantities of fish. The canister or the body portion of the filter is usually larger than most of the power filters. On the basis of the model, these filters have one to three or sometimes more large media baskets to hold many filter media types. Each media type is placed on the top of each other to maintain the best quality of water. These canisters need a little more effort to install.